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9th Annual Valentines Day Vow Renewal

120 couples renewed their vows of love

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Lovers Key State Park is the place to be, especially on Valentine's Day. 120 loving couples renewed their wedding vows during the three 2018 Vow Renewal ceremonies. The 1st ceremony included Robert and Judy Marans, who have been married 62 years. The 2nd ceremony brought out William and Mary Claire Anhut, married 68 years. The final ceremony William and Marie Mansfield told us of love found at a firehouse dance that has lasted 60 years.

There were many great stories of how love began. From High School Sweethearts to online dating, couples ranged from being married 2.5 years to 68 years. The couples gathered in a circle on the sand for a chance to express their love for one another, all over again.

Following the ceremonies the re-newlyweds enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Truly Scrumptious, including wedding cake, a champagne toast, door prizes and many more years together.

Event Coordinator Judy Greenwood left no detail unattended. The linen covered tables were decorated with flowers and treats for the couples, including Valentine's candy and miniature wedding bells.

Honoring the veterans who participate in our Valentine's Day Vow Renewal is a new tradition. Douglas and Idalia Murden each served over 30 years in the Air Force, where they met and have been married for 20 years. God bless them and all the veterans who participated in our 2018 Valentine's Day Vow Renewal.

FOLKS strives to increase and improve the event every year by unlocking passion in others to 'Love it at Lovers Key' State Park. Proceeds help to fund the new Welcome and Discovery Center.

It was by far the most romantic Valentine’s Day I’ve ever enjoyed.

Lauren Tjaden

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