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Lovers Key State Park


Geocaching at Lovers Key


Geocaching....what is it???  Think of an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS devices to help participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates. Once there, the search to find the hidden container or geocache begins!

finding_the_cache.jpegParticipants, who are also called cachers, locate cache sites via the web, and typically post comments about the location after finding one.  The sport of geocaching has grown tremedously and is extremely popular around the world.  Another great aspect of geocaching is that it provides outdoor fun for individuals, groups and families. 

Caches are often very well hidden, but are never buried or placed in areas in need of protection. Visit to learn more about geocaching.  Basic membership is FREE!

That brings us to the “geo-challenge”? What is it? Geo-challenge is a group of caches that have a specific theme or goal.  When the course is completed, there is usually a reward.  The FOLKS Geo-Challenge is a series of caches – 6 published and 1 unpublished bonus cache. Each of the 6 published caches will have a riddle to solve.  These caches are spread through out the park. Looking  for them allows you to explore areas of the park  you might not have visited before! 

The seventh or bonus cache is found only after you find the first 6 – each of the 6 contain a portion of the GPS coordinates that are required to locate that final, unpublished bonus cache.  Once you’ve completed the series of caches and have the answers to all 7 questions, just bring them in to the Lovers Key Ranger Station to claim your specially designed medallion! 

How do you get started?  The FOLKS Geo-Challenge had a successful kick-off on October 29th at  the Great Outdoor Adventure Day.  If you missed the event and want to join the fun, then just go to and search for all caches owned by “loverskey.”  Please remember to follow all park rules while you’re caching – you won’t have to hike through environmentally sensitive areas, dig any holes, or climb any trees!  Be good stewards of the park, and abide by the “cache in, trash out” principles.  Park entry fees apply just as if you were participating in any other outdoor sport. 

And here's some comments from a recent cacher:

I was able to talk with the rangers and guardians of the caches. What a great bunch of folks.
All the caches were spot on in one of the prettiest areas on the planet.
The trails are in great shape and the park is really clean.
I'm proud of my medallion and bought two Lover's Key t-shirts.
Thinking about joining FOLKS now!
Thanks for a great morning, it was very enjoyable

Good Luck, and “Happy Caching"!